Making the Right Real Estate Choice

If you are looking for a good community in which to relocate or retire in the Phoenix area, you will want to explore your options in Chandler, AZ real estate. This is a community with a rather unique history. It was once almost entirely supported by ostrich farming, and each year the city hosts thousands of visitors attending its massive Ostrich Festival. The city weathered the Great Depression, and eventually served as a home to the early aerospace industry – which is the dominant business there today.The modern city has a great deal to offer, including award-winning parks, famous shopping centers, and a large and successful school system. The Chandler Parks Division received many awards for its native tree conservation programs, and has been acknowledged as home to one of the state’s best children’s water parks. The Chandler Fashion Center is a modern and impressive facility that is a huge attraction for the many shoppers of the area. The Chandler Unified School District and the Chandler Public Library are both important to the educational system of the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, and the library currently has more than 300,000 books!When looking for real estate for sale in Chandler, AZ it is helpful to know that median price for a single-family home or condominium is around $278k. This is a bit higher than the state’s average pricing, and this can also be seen in rental figures which average at $1,000 per month.Why are the homes for sale in Chandler, AZ priced a bit higher than average? It has to do with the excellent city services, the top notch public school system, and the convenience that the location offers as a bedroom community to the much larger cities nearby.There are more than two dozen Fortune 1000 corporations located within 45 minutes of Chandler, and this makes it a very desirable locale for some of the top-paid executives and managers in the region. This is reflected in the pricing of the homes and rents, but it doesn’t mean that a nice home is unavailable. In fact, there are plenty of short sales and foreclosures occurring throughout the entire area.The best approach to getting real “bang for the buck”, where a home in Chandler, AZ is concerned, is to work with a knowledgeable and experienced local realtor. They will be able to guide their clients to the strongest options and help them to acquire the properties they want.